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My Very First Mosaic

For years I took this mosaic out to the trash and for years my Father gathered it back.  It's my first mosaic, one I created in high school.  I remember loving the process, being delighted with the application, the materials, the whole idea of making mosaics.  Then, I grouted it using white grout and forever hated that I had ruined my piece.  I immediately lost interest in the medium.  I am glad, now, that my Father saved it.  With new eyes I am able to see that I had a great opportunity working with slate, bits of gold smalti and assorted low-fire glazed ceramic tiles.  I imagaine it's what we had in the classroom.  I used an image from National Geographic for my subject matter and explored the art of mosaic on my own.  I believe it was an AP art project for my portfolio.  I don't remember much else.  I now have a photo for memories and finally had the pleasure of being able to throw it away!  This first mosaic reminds me to give care in teaching the craft and art to all who take classes with me, and I am so glad to have found my way back to the medium of mosaic.