Musings on mosaics, art and life by Katrina Doran of Doran Studio.

Designing New Classes

I've been on sabbatical.  It's been almost an entire year without teaching.  I've needed the time.  I now find myself missing my friends who are students and students who become friends. Teaching is such a gift.  Now is the time when we create our classes for 2015 and I am happy to bring my new format to the curriculum.  I'm calling the class Mosaic Meditations.  We will be focusing our awareness on the beauty of the timeless art of mosaic.  Our studies will focus on the classical mosaic techniques and traditions.  I will supply images and designs for your studies as a starting point.  One opportunity of working in a classroom full of mosaic artists is learning exponentially.  As you observe the projects of others, the various designs, methods and materials used, you develop your skills quickly.  Another opportunity is learning a few catchy mosaic terms in Latin.  I just know you will dig it!

The Mosaic Meditations classes will be scheduled for the 2015 calender at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas.  The initial starting point for your project will be the choice of working from a detail of a classical mosaic, or working on a mandala using classical methods.  Once scheduled, I will add the dates to my Classes & Workshops page here on this site.

Design teaser: detail from a sixth-century mosaic of the Nile River