Musings on mosaics, art and life by Katrina Doran of Doran Studio.

A Little Bit of Love Food

In addition to making mosaic art and sculpture, I am an avid cook.  My mother taught me the basics and I seemed to have a natural inclination for combining tasty treats.  We are having a memorial for her next month and as I am preparing the service, I find myself wandering off to cook.  Lately, the obsession is ice cream made with coconut milk.  Let's just say, delicious.  I also hear it's healthy.  I guess that's a bonus!  Anyways, I'm working that one with my guinea pig friends.  Yep, this stuff is good for you.

The current recipe is Caramel Banana Pecan with Dark Chocolate Chips.  I'll let you know if it turns out.  If so, I will even post the recipe.

Here's to cooking with mom!

May your life be delicious.