Musings on mosaics, art and life by Katrina Doran of Doran Studio.

Mosaic Tree of Life

Five years ago, Denny Doran began an art class at the Bridge in downtown Dallas, TX.  Guests of the Bridge, a service hub for the homeless, are invited to stop in and make art.  Painting, drawing, jewelry, knitting, crochet and mosaic are all available to those who want to participate.

 The game is: EVERYBODY GETS TO PLAY and, the only rule is, YOU MUST BE NICE!  That's it.  You don't have to know how to do anything.  Just come and play.

The Bridge's purpose is to end long-term adult homelessness.  The art class gives folks a space to express their innate creativity.  The mosaic project was invented to share that creativity with all the guests, volunteers and donors of the facility.  Here are some recent photos of the mosaic mural in progress.  The size is 10 feet by 10 feet.  It's chunky, it's messy, it's LOUD, and it's very beautiful. Every person who participates has a cast of their hand made.  The hands are fixed to the wall as a frame around the mosaic.  We'll share some stories from the guests in another blog post.  There's a bit of magic here, both in the making and in the stories we've been hearing.