Musings on mosaics, art and life by Katrina Doran of Doran Studio.


I am a dreamy girl.  Off in my head, I wander to places imagined, I tread paths unknown and I dream of things yet to be.  I am an amazing cook.  I learned from my mother and inherited generations of good cooking genes.  Somehow, I know how to combine herbs, roots, vegetables, etc. to make an offering of deliciousness to the body.  The flavors, textures, tastes and smells arrive in my mind with absolutely no effort at all and my body then moves in accordance with that knowing to make something good to eat.  It's an inspired way to cook and when I cook for  someone it's especially good. I love to cook.  It is a privilege and a treat to have so much to select from, or challenging when there is very little.  Making mosaics is very much the same.  I dream, I imagine, and then I discover the delicious process of piecing it all together.  However, it's not always so easy.  There are moments galore of questioning, stepping back, pausing, looking.  More challenging to me than cooking.  I've decided to take on the practice of knowing how to make the mosaic in the same way I know how to combine ingredients for cooking.  Given I make all my mosaics for someone even when I don't always know who that person is, what would it take for me to allow myself to trust the inspiration and give up angst?  I certainly never allow angst to enter into my food making.  That almost always results in something not-so-good to eat.

  She Walks In Dreamtime

 She Walks In Dreamtime

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
— Henry David Thoreau