Musings on mosaics, art and life by Katrina Doran of Doran Studio.

Working and dreaming.

I am currently working on a sculpture that is one of two in a set.  The detailing and meticulous nature of the work is slow.  I find myself taking breaks often, looking around my work space and day dreaming.  It's a type of creative meditation for me.  Projects that have been sitting still for long periods of time resurrect themselves with a knowing of what to do next.  I move back and forth between the new and the old, playing, creating, developing and doing what I do best, dreaming new worlds.

A while back and two blog-sites ago I started a tutorial on making sculpted mosaic flowers.  The tutorial stopped as did the medium sized flower I was sculpting for that tutorial.  Now, I know what to do.  I also have new plans for small scale flowers, petite fleurs.  With time comes creative development.  New workshops on making the petite fleurs are coming soon.  Check the Classes and Workshops page every now and then for updates. 

Also in consideration is a book on making the three sizes of mosaic flowers... 

Here's a view from my working space: