Musings on mosaics, art and life by Katrina Doran of Doran Studio.


Doran Studio attracts interesting and talented folks all the time.  For years, we've kept it our little secret.  Perhaps it's now time to share some of them  with you. 

P.A. Jones stopped by to pick up some paint brushes from Denny.  She lights up a room in a similar fashion to her paintings.  There is a light, sourced by mystery, that fills a room when in the presence of the artist and/or her paintings.   If I could crawl into the space of her landscapes, I'd be home.  I am talking in metaphors that seem a bit ethereal and as I try to engage a vocabulary suitable to what I am seeing, I realize that perhaps it is the very mystery of the light in the paintings that draws me to them and I don't have to know how to talk about them.  See them for yourself on her website, www.pajonesart.com, and know they are even better in person.


ENFOLDED by P.A. Jones

ENFOLDED by P.A. Jones