About Katrina Doran mosaic art and sculpture.


Katrina Doran

DORAN STUDIO: mosaic art & sculpture


Mosaic work is an art form that takes time.  Each tessera is cut and placed by hand either directly or indirectly using techniques and tools that date back for over 2,000 years.

 Katrina Doran has studied worldwide with modern masters of this fine craft and combines a traditional knowledge and respect with her uncanny eye for detail and an intuitive sense of design to produce works of art with lasting beauty..  Her interest, enthusiasm and passion for this art form is contagious. Doran creates custom designs for her clients needs, and teaches classes and workshops.


Doran specializes in the art of breaking things up through a guided creative process that brings about insight and awareness. Each process is custom designed to address the specific needs of the client.

For Businesses, Healing Environments such as hospitals, and Corporate Retreats or Brainstorming sessions. A menu of options allows for activities from 2 hours to several days or more.

For Creatives, both professional and hobbyist, to learn new mosaic skills.

For schools of all age groups wishing to leave a legacy and lasting impact.


With my own work, I am interested in creating curious objects that seem magical, that seem as if they are from another time and place, or might have been something you once dreamed.  I gather many types of materials, from rusted metal bits to gold glass, and assemble them into something new and memorably beautiful. My passion for this art form leads me to teach classes and workshops. I love seeing what people discover and learn about themselves in the process of making a mosaic.                     ~ Katrina Doran


We are a world of makers called Doran Studio located in Irving, Texas. Our works include mosaics, sculpture, drawing, painting, and print-making in both figurative and non-figurative styles. The home and studios are being created as an experience unlike any other with mosaic floors, sculptures and gardens.


KATRINA DORAN - mosaic and sculpture

DENNY DORAN - charcoal pencil portraiture & keeper of the bees

TAYLOR BRYANT - multiple media

websites: www.taytaypierre.com and shoptaytaypierre.com